TLT Curricula

At TLT we have responded to a number of growing needs in South African schools through the creation of our Life Orientation (LO) program, our Leadership Development Program (LDP) and a variety of stand-alone Hot-Topic workshops. All three of our programs focus on enquiry-based, participatory learning with a focus on concepts rather than content and an emphasis on critical thinking and reflexive practice. Our writing is underpinned by the COPE methodology and contextualises local trends and needs within a global context. Our LO content is aligned with the CAPS Life Orientation requirements, while the LDP works to develop the 7 key competencies of the fourth industrial revolution (Bawany, 2020). Both programs focus on Grades 8-11, while the stand-alone workshops that have been designed to meet the specific TLT-designed social competencies focus on Grades 7-12.

Leadership Development Program

One of our aims at TLT is to raise up a generation of servant-hearted leaders and to make space for young people to explore their own leadership potential. TLT’s Leadership Development Program can be attended online or in collaboration with your school. The program runs once a week throughout the year. The LDP is grade-level focused and covers a variety of topics that we believe are vital to unlocking the potential of young leaders. Learners are equipped with the skills to think critically and use their emotional intelligence to adapt to an ever-changing society.

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Learner Workshops

Today’s Gen-Z learners find themselves facing an increasingly complex and uncertain future. Learning to navigate life right now takes intentional and brave conversations. The Hot Topic Workshops at TLT have been created to tackle some of the daunting social topics that young people want to unpack, but which do not necessarily fall within a school’s academic agenda. Crucial conversations are facilitated and brave spaces created for young people to share their thoughts, questions, struggles and triumphs. Our current offering includes a variety of topics and each of the workshops below has an underlying focus on servant-hearted, values-based leadership.

Aside from learner focused workshops, TLT also offers workshops for teachers, focusing on social literacy and offering tools to navigate an increasingly complex set of social interactions in the classroom.  

2021 demonstrated without a doubt that conversations around diversity, inclusion and belonging are absolutely vital for South African schools and South African learners. Justice underpins all three of these concepts and this workshop allows learners to begin to unpack the concepts in a brave space.

Leading in the 21st century is not for the faint-hearted and to navigate the current climate with confidence and compassion, our young people need a new set of skills. This workshop tackles issues related to identity and empathy in leadership.

Leadership comes in many forms and happens in many different contexts. This workshop gives learners the opportunity to reflect on their own identity as a leader and equips them with the courage it takes to lead when called to do so.

If the past few years have shown us anything, it’s the growing need for mental health dialogue and support. This workshop equips young people with the tools they need for understanding and looking after their mental health in a post-pandemic world.

In 2021, Cyril Ramaphosa declared gender-based violence to be South Africa’s second pandemic. GBV impacts all of us. This issue has come to fore in recent years and equipping learners with tools to combat GBV is a matter of survival for an unreasonable number of South African citizens.

This term has been thrown around in the past and many are unsure about what it really means. We aim to unpack this concept and empower young men to be who they are, without the constraints of society’s expectations and unhelpful notions of what it means to be a man.

In August 2021 the UN issued a report underlining the state of emergency we find ourselves in with regards to our global climate. This workshop equips learners with the tools to engage issues of climate change on a local and global stage.

Life can be overwhelming, and young people are not always mature enough to use healthy ways of coping with the challenges that they face. Addiction and substance abuse are far too prevalent and we believe that increased awareness and healthy coping mechanisms protect our young people.

Young people are constantly bombarded with opportunities to compare themselves and pick apart their appearances. We aim to empower and inspire young people to love themselves and others as they figure out their bodies and a healthy relationship with food, the mirror, social media and other people’s expectations.

Bullying of any kind can have a life-long impact on a victim. The impact can be devastating and bullying in South Africa is on the rise, with hundreds of cases being reported each year. Many cases go unreported. TLT’s anti-bullying workshop raises awareness of the signs of bullying and equips learners with the tools they need to help themselves and others.

Sexual ethics are constantly changing and learners have access to more information and sexual content than ever before. Not everyone has their best interests at heart. We want to ensure that they are afforded the space to learn in a way that maintains their dignity and safety as young people today.

Social media tends to have a life of its own. Platforms, their potential and their pitfalls are changing with increasing rapidity. Learners are often unaware of the dangers or the privileges associated with social media and this workshop gives them the room to explore these concepts safely.

Life Orientation Curriculum

Life Orientation has the potential to be one of the most relevant and life changing parts of a South African learner’s school day. It is rare to find the skills, values and knowledge covered in LO embedded within a school system in the way that is it here in South Africa. At TLT we want to tap into this potential. As such, the LO Scope and Sequence at TLT has been designed according to the CAPS-suggested Annual Teaching Plans but has also been structured so that the units are reflective of concept-based learning practices. In this way we have covered the breadth of the CAPS programme but also allow for depth and contextualised, student-led enquiry into the curriculum concepts.

In the future, schools will be able to access either version of our LO content, CAPS ATP-based or stand-alone CAPS concept-based units. We are also in the early stages of creating assessment tasks related to our units that could be used as a portfolio of evidence of learning.