TLT Counselling

The stress of modern-day life means that now, more than ever, people are looking to counselling and therapy to be heard and to engage and heal their mental and emotional challenges.

TLT now offers professional counselling services from a holistic perspective to learners, teachers, and parents. We are available and excited to partner with individuals facing life’s challenges. Our services can be accessed in-person or online and we value confidentiality, affordability and professionalism in this space.

What We Believe

We believe that each and every client should feel safe and be heard. We want to journey alongside clients and encourage them to interrogate their identities, recognise internal struggles and confront the labels that may have defined them for many years. We believe that clients are not defined by their mental state and their everyday mental challenges. TLT counselling clients are equipped with the tools for handling stress, building resilience, healing from past traumas and learning healthy behaviours in work, school and relationships.

Meet the counsellors

Simone Meyer

Simone is a Registered and Licensed Holistic Wellness Counsellor who completed her undergraduate in Psychology at Cornerstone Private Institute and her Honours in Psychological Counselling through UNISA. She is passionate about mental health and people living out their true identities and has many years of experience in both child and adult counselling. She empathizes deeply with people’s struggles and has worked extensively in the field of trauma and crisis counselling.

Gina Ellish

Gina studied an LLB and BA in Psychology at the University of Witwatersrand, went on to obtain her Honours in Psychology through UNISA and has completed a Life Coaching course through Trifocus Fitness Academy. Gina specialises in family and grief counselling. She has a huge heart to maximise the potential of young people and equip them with a growth mindset as they deal with the curveballs life throws at them. Her goal is to see people evolve from a place of sorrow, fear, darkness or depression to a place of freedom, peace and well-being.

Tristan Daley

Tristan completed his Master’s Degree in Social Psychology at UKZN and is currently working on another one! He cares deeply about people and feels strongly about helping others overcome adversity and reach their full potential. With his qualifications, experience in training and development, and his passion for counselling, he is well equipped to make clients feel as comfortable as possible, as they journey through life’s challenges, and find direction towards meaningful growth.

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