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We help young people navigate real issues, teaching them about themselves, the world and giving them practical tools to participate in a changing world. We want to see young people living freely and empowered to become leaders in their own spaces.

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Tomorrow's Leaders in Training

The future is increasingly challenging and uncertain, particularly for young people, and the role of organisations such as TLT is vital. Providing both a space and an access to support regarding the demanding elements of daily life, aligned with context and programs that enable understanding and growth of each individual, we focus on guiding young people to self-understanding, and ultimately servant-hearted leadership. As we have expanded on and deepened our work, we have seen that increasing levels of nurturing and support combined with a safe space to express and be heard has been welcomed by the students, teachers, and even the parents.
The core of our mission is focused on the role of leadership (from self-leadership to a wider servant-hearted approach), and we are continually excited at the response and progress we see within the communities and schools we serve. Training the leaders of tomorrow is a mission we take seriously and we need a dynamic approach to getting this done. TLT’s response is multifaceted and we’re gaining ground through the roll-out of the following programs: online and in-person learner workshops, counselling and tutoring sessions and parent and teacher workshops. Learners can also enrol in our innovative year-long Leadership Development Program.
"In spite of the weather our spirits were not dampened. This may be attributed to the awesome facilitators who were punctual, displayed amazing dedication, outstanding communication and excellent interpersonal skills... Our staff and learners are greatly appreciative and extend a big thanks for a successful event. It was informative, educational, fun and intersectional!"
Mrs Naidoo
Hunt Road Secondary School
"Thank you and your team for a well-planned and executed career day program at Hunt Road Secondary School. Your awesome and experienced facilitators have left our learners with loads of knowledge and so inspired about their futures. An absolutely priceless experience all round. Thank you for investing in us."
Judy Singh, HOD
Hunt Road Secondary School
"I would highly recommend the TLT counselling services to any parent wanting to provide support to their kids while steering them in the right direction."
Mandi Arnold
"Sign up on auto renewal! The cost of psychologists and psychiatrists is astronomical compared to the cost of the TLT counselling packages and your child will not be treated like a patient strictly on the clock. They are seen and heard and loved by their counsellors."
Mandi Arnold
"TLT is the highlight of my week and I always look forward to the sessions."
TLT Learner
"I would like to say thank you for the effort that you take to make sure we get a lesson every day… we appreciate the time we get with you ma'am."
TLT Learner
"We love your seeking of new offerings and the depths that you go to to support your ecosystem, which now extends way past schools as we dared hoped it would!"
The Saville Foundation
"My highlight working with TLT is having the opportunity and platform that allows learners to discuss topics that are not commonly and openly spoken about or discussed at home. The sessions have given learners a voice and opened up their awareness about themselves and the people around them."
Alice Moyo
Cyril Ramaphosa Educational Trust

Our Vision

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TLT Curricula

Curriculum is not just about content delivery but is about engaging in dialogue and reflection that leads to active participation in the world around us. The TLT team designs curricula that allow learners to think critically and develop 21st century soft-skills.


At TLT we are passionate about Mental Health and believe that it is an absolutely vital contributor to how we navigate life and find success. We know that mental health is a crucial part of life and leadership and therefore are intentional about developing strong healthy leaders with strong healthy minds.


Online tutoring is our answer to a global shift in education and accessibility. Learners can now receive tutoring from anywhere in the country and even beyond our borders.  All that’s needed is an internet connection and a phone or computer. The flexibility and freedom for both the learner and the tutor, allows the process to run smoothly and efficiently.

Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders

At TLT we recognize that collaboration is fundamental to bridging the gap between our caregivers and today’s generation of young people. Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders is a bi-monthly dialogue session for care-givers where we engage with industry professionals, experienced practitioners and our young people themselves.

For Youth

What does it mean to be a leader, really?
We believe it’s about understanding your worth and living in that potential.
We want to help you uncover this.

For Parents

Raising teenagers is tough but we believe that consistent face-time with informed and positive people, like our facilitators, help. Let us support you by teaching our young people to be secure and kind.

For Schools

Facing tough topics at school? We deliver a Life Skills Empowerment Program, through Life Orientation lessons and extra-curricular activities, in a relevant and engaging manner. 

Our Partners

Our Vision

We’re passionate about maximising the potential of young people through leadership and mentorship.

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