Leading the way

Growing up is tough enough without adding the societal pressure to ‘have it all together’. We help young people navigate real issues, teaching them about themselves, the world and the practical tools of how to become a better citizen. We want to see young people free of expectations and empowered to become leaders in their own spaces.

TLT is a youth empowerment organisation and as our name suggests we are about training tomorrow’s leaders as we activate and maximize the potential of young emerging leaders from diverse walks of life through the following programs:

Talking Points

Not your typical leadership sessions, our facilitators lead thought-provoking discussions that encourage participation and really get to the gritty stuff (yes, that means sex, drugs and all the interesting topics). We engage with young people in lessons at schools, workshops, holiday sessions and through mentorship. 

Our Mandate

A better future is built on the next generation; empowered, knowledgeable and empathetic people become better global citizens. Our vision is to be the Leadership Skills Empowerment Program of choice for South African schools, helping to develop well-rounded individuals for an activated and empowered society.

For Youth

What does it mean to be a leader, really? We believe it’s about understanding your worth and living in that potential. We want to help you uncover this.

For Parents

Raising teenagers is tough but we believe that consistent face-time with informed and positive people, like our facilitators, help. Let us support you by teaching our young people to be secure and kind.

For Schools

Facing tough topics at school? We deliver a Life Skills Empowerment Program, through Life Orientation lessons and extra-curricular activities, in a relevant and engaging manner. We also host focused workshops for scholars and educators.

TLT has gone online!

We are excited to announce the TLT program is now available anywhere in the world through our newly established online platform. Young leaders can now sign up for and sign into our sessions from anywhere and everywhere to start their leadership development journeys with us. Interested?