About Us

The TLT Foundation was inspired by a deep belief that access to psycho-social support across South Africa is vital to bring continuous, positive and long-lasting change to the young people in our nation. The foundation carries the same vision as TLT PTY (Ltd) which is to inspire, enquire from, and equip young people with essential leadership skills to be better citizens in our country.

This foundation believes that we can make a meaningful impact by equipping young people with 21st century skills that will enable them to grow into mentally and emotionally healthy young adults.

What We Do

We deliver values-based experiential education to young people both within South Africa and beyond.

We train and work alongside education professionals to use enquiry-based methods in the teaching and learning process.

We collaborate widely with partner organisations and schools towards impacting the most vulnerable and under resourced communities.

TSF Partnership

The TLT Foundation is so honoured to be partnering with the world class organisation known as The Saville Foundation (TSF). TSF is a global philanthropic foundation that has a deep love for humanity and understands that current socio-and economic systems must be fundamentally transformed to ensure the well-being of all. TSF has supported our Leadership Development Program by sponsoring the enrollment of 150 deserving learners.

The TLT Foundations’ partner schools and organisations:

How can you partner?

We believe that in order to change our nation, we need to look beyond policy change and instead focus on changing hearts and minds. Our foundation supports marginalized youth and communities through our Leadership Development Program, Counselling Services and Mentorship Program. We currently cater for Socio-Economic Development (SED), Charitable Spend and Supplier Development Spends and will soon be able to provide Skills Development opportunities.

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The TLT Foundations’ partner schools & organisations