Welcome to 2021. You made it through possibly one of the weirdest-straight-outa-a-sci-fi-horror-novel years of all of our lives. After a year like 2020 we can all feel the need to pledge to a better year, a healthier year, a more aesthetically pleasing year, a glowy-skinned year, a weight-loss centric year, but we’re here to gently remind you that’s not necessary. 

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t have goals. But we are saying that there is a way to have hope and purpose for a new year, without focusing on your body and how you can change it. 

Here are a few ways you can live your absolute best life in 2021 and it’ll have nothing to do with your physical appearance. 

  1. Build better friendships. This is important! Last year was marked by isolation (which was nice for a bit and then all the extroverts almost died) so make this year about connection! How can you build better friendships? Make time for people! Invite someone over for a movie! Check in on the people you do life with.
  1. Save some dollar dollar bills y’all. Is there any way you can start a lil’ business or do some chores around the house to save some money? Treat yo’self at the end of the year with a shopping spree, a new playstation, a massage, or all the chocolate you can eat!
  1. Volunteer. Getting involved in some sort of volunteer work is absolutely one of the best things you can do for your mental health and it’s more rewarding than it looks! Check out your local SPCA or old age home to find out if they need some part time volunteers, or find out what other organisations are looking for. You can get involved in just about any sphere.
  1. Pledge to read a minimum of 6 books this year. This might sound lame but no one ever got “woke” by only reading status updates. There are loads of great reading challenges you can do. They include reading books that start with an “r” or reading a book written by a person of colour. Find one on pinterest and get stuck in!

Zig Ziglar once said “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” How scary is that?! So pick some goals this year that are going to do more for your mental, physical and emotional health than just goals that are concerned about your body and how it looks. 

Written by: Sarah Hawthorn.




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