For many students, school academics can be a point of contention. Tutoring can be highly beneficial for students who need extra learning support and working alongside a tutor can even become part of the process of building, and thus realising, potential. Apart from helping students improve academic performance, tutoring can boost confidence, encourage independent learning and improve attitudes towards school and even specific subjects. 

How to make the most of out of tutoring session

  • As with anything in life, what you put in is what you get out. It’s important to approach each tutoring session with earnest and enthusiasm. Be respectful of your tutor and engage with their planned lesson.
  • Be honest about where you are at in your level of learning. A tutor can help more effectively if they properly understand your challenges. There is no need to impress any of your peers.
  • Be prepared for the lesson. If you have been asked to work through lesson content before the start of your next lesson, make sure you have done so. Tutoring sessions will only be as successful as you want them to be.
  • Ask questions. One of the benefits of individualised support is that students have unrushed time and space to converse with their tutors about subject content. Some studies have shown that engaging with content through discussions, as opposed to just passively listening, can help with the learning process. One-one-one discussions can also assist teenagers to become better communicators. If you usually feel uncomfortable with asking questions in front of a class, tutoring can be a great avenue to tackle difficult content and hopefully, build confidence to be able to ask questions in front of your peers.
  • Keep your parents in the loop. By chatting with your parents about what was discussed in your lessons, you inadvertently reinforce what you have learnt in your tutoring session. Also, if they understand where you are at in your learning journey, they can better support you.

TLT has launched online tutoring support for subjects including Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Physical Sciences, Natural Science / Life Science / Biology, History, Visual Art Practical, Art History, Geography, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Business Studies, Economics / Accounting and English. Our tutors are highly capable and are led by the TLT mandate of “Inspire, Enquire and Equip” to develop well-rounded individuals.

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