By now, we’ve all had to adapt to the new rhythms of a digital world, including following a version of online learning. Although e-learning has been around for some time, its use has been greatly accelerated as we’ve been forced into our homes and onto our digital devices. Moving forward, most educational institutions will probably adopt a hybrid model that merges online and in-person learning. As everyone’s learning journey is different — for example, some people prefer learning in groups, while others concentrate far better when they are alone — is it important to master how to learn well in both settings.

How can you best adapt to online learning?

There are a few practical tips that can instantly morph your online learning journey into a more effective and enjoyable one.

  • It can require more effort to fully immerse yourself into an online lesson. To stay focused, minimise the number of distractions around you. 
  • E-learning offers the opportunity to learn at your own pace. Try to review lesson content before and after class to ensure you grasp what is being taught. Some studies have suggested that making the digital content ‘live’ in a physical form — literally by putting pen to paper — can help reinforce deep learning. But you will have to figure out what works best for you.
  • Give your eyes a break and take time away from your digital device. Even better, jump around to help get rid of that restless energy!
  • Treat your online lesson with the same respect you would for an in-person lesson: get dressed, find an undistracted spot, and arrive on time.
  • When there are physical learning sessions with face-to-face contact, make the most of it. Feed off of each other’s energy, collaborate and focus on accomplishing learning goals that are easier to achieve in person.

In-person learning won’t completely disappear, however, the onset of digital learning means it is now entrenched into our ‘new normal’. Even so, e-learning does give us an opportunity to think creatively as well as reconsider how best we can learn and grow. One of the keys to succeeding in the future is to understand your learning goals and then best match them to a learning setting. How will you adapt, and take advantage of, this new world reality?

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